Monday, 14 March 2016

I Found My Big Girl Pants!

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Over the weekend, I found my big girl pants, put them on & set up the blog you see before you! As a complete beauty product junkie, I have wanted to do this for a while, but my inner technophobe caused me to chicken out every time I loaded Blogger and clicked 'create'. A recent decision to work with a beauty/skincare supplier and a particular video uploaded by my favourite YouTuber has given me the push I needed to JUST DO IT! The products I have been discovering need to be shared with the world!

I am in no way a beauty professional, skincare expert, or makeup artist. I just love hair, makeup and discovering new products. I want to know if a product works and is it worth the money? Can it help my skin?

In February I signed up as an Independent Stylist for a company called MyShowcase (I will explain what this is in a separate blog post). This experience and business venture has given me access to a large number of independent beauty brands I had never even heard of. Certain products have worked wonders on my generally dull and spotty skin, so in the next few weeks you can expect to find reviews of my favourites. I can also guide you towards any brands or products you may like to try for a number of different looks or skin conditions, and can even supply the products straight to your door!

Thank you for clicking on my blog. It is quite basic at the moment, though this will develop as I become more comfortable. I hope you follow along my blogging journey. Comment below any particular tips or reviews you would like to see.

TTFN, ta ta for now!

Lauren xx

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