Sunday, 20 March 2016

Review | Aurelia Probiotic Skincare: Miracle Cleanser

If you google 'Probiotics' you will discover that they are live, good bacteria with various health benefits. I myself had no clue what they were exactly, thinking they were mostly found in yoghurt!

Claire Vero, the founder of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare worked in pharmaceuticals for 8 years prior to creating her own skincare brand. The use of probiotic technology and 100% ethically sourced botanicals in her products work with the skin to reduce inflammation and protect against skin ageing. There is a lot more to it than that, I am just too scientifically challenged to understand too much of it! Check out the Aurelia website here.

Recently I noticed that I have lines forming on my forehead, so surely even at 22 it is never too early to start protecting your skin from ageing, right? I also have inflamed skin, as a sufferer from spots.

When I attended my first MyShowcase event, Sally showed us a number of different brands and products, including the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser. I knew I just had to try it! I was already using the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser which is a little more budget friendly and contains a blend of plant oils and extracts, though to be honest I hadn't experienced any skin improvement.

I will admit, at £34 (120ml) this item is most definitely a luxury cleanser, but now after using it for over a month every single day, I wouldn't use anything else! The packaging is gorgeous, and the free muslin cloth is perfect for my sensitive face. There is about 2/3 left after everyday use since Feb 10th!

It is just incredibly easy to use! You gently massage into the skin, and remove using the muslin cloth provided. Makeup lifts away and your skin is left feeling so soft and smelling great! It's scented with essential oils of eucalyptus, chamomile, rosemary and bergamot. It also balances skin pH, so no need for a toner! Go to my YouTube channel to see it in action on my thick layers of makeup!

5 days ago I started using the Miracle Cleanser with my new Magnitone London BareFaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush, though I will be reviewing this separately after a few weeks of use. So far my complexion has evened out and my pores are so much clearer! Come back to see my review of the Magnitone!

What cleanser do you use? Have you tried any of the Aurelia Range? Tweet me, I want to hear your feedback!

If you would like to purchase the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser from mywebsite, click here.

Lauren xx

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