Monday, 28 March 2016

Monthly Favorites | March

This post marks the start of my first 'series' on the blog... My Montly Favourites! Below you will find a selection of things I have been loving this month!

March is almost over, and Spring is here... Yippee! While I love the winter, cold weather, Christmas and high neck jumpers , nothing quite excites me like Spring. The weather (eventually) starts getting warmer, we wear less layers and pastel colours are everywhere! As a month, its been a bit of a weird one. I started my blog, uploaded my first YouTube video & was poorly for almost a fortnight. I have eaten so much chocolate and ice-cream I may explode though I think I can get away with using Easter as an excuse for why my jeans are too tight! Maybe I should have featured creme eggs as one of my favourites! Damn...

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips
I am in love with this stuff! My lips suffered big time over the winter, but this little tube of awesomeness has been a life saver. Its super versatile, and can also be used to:

1. Slick over eyebrows to smooth and shape
2. Moisturise and nourish split ends

3. Prevent dry cuticles
4. Sooth small cuts and abrasions
5. Prime lips before adding colour to prevent blotching

This creme highlighter is so beautiful, highly pigmented and perfect for a spring glow makeup look! I use this on my brow and cheek bones.

I don't need to explain this one, just see the results for yourself! Within 2 minutes, my thin lips turned into the perfect pout! The effect lasted a full 12 hours, and with continued use, my lips are slowly plumping up permanently! 


Marc Jacobs Daisy
This is my favourite fresh fruity perfume and is very different from my normal Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. Its time to crack open the floral scents!

Fig Fatale Tealights by PartyLite
Partylite candles are by far the best burning candles around! No smoke, 6 hours of burn time a tealight and amazing fragrances! I wish you could smell this through the screen! If you haven't tried PartyLite before, check out my consultants website here

Connock London Hand Cream
Kukui Oil is the main ingredient is this wonderfully soft and delicious smelling hand cream. If you have been looking for a hand cream that isn't oily and soaks right in, try this! I can't wait to try the body oil and perfume by this range!

Lava Lamp
My lava lamp is by far my favourite purchase this month! I have been having some trouble sleeping, and watching the bubbles have been sending me to sleep within minutes. It also adds a lovely glow to my otherwise plain coloured room!

Have you made any brilliant purchases this month? Or have any favourites of similar items to the above? Comment below, I would love to know!

Lauren xx

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